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  1. To: Ray Ojeda

    re: 2019 Sedona Marines Concert Celebration

    Ray, hi. As you are planning your 2019 music event ~ I’d like to introduce to you, and have you consider, the: DINA PRESTON BAND (based in the greater Phoenix area). This incredible band has played in different armed forces theaters/locations and U.S Embassies overseas, across the globe (including just last week Luke Air Force Base):

    43 countries, 26 world tours – secured & directed by the U.S State Department and the DOD Armed Forces Entertainment Division, with State Department clearances. Their primary contact has been a U.S Marine.

    Rather than have me wax very encouragingly about their amazing music & entertainment abilities for our U.S forces, and others, I’d like you to take a look at a 3 minute video of theirs: “Field of Blue” ~

    Ray, if you might be interested in learning more about the DINA PRESTON BAND [with Dina as the lead vocalist] – for your 2019 event – I would be happy to arrange an introductory phone conversation with their CEO Don Ortiz, lifetime lead guitarist & band manager, who lives in Goodyear.

    BTW, here is their web site:

    Please give me a call if you’re at all interested in exploring this possibility.

    Thank you.
    have a great weekend,
    kind regards,

    Chris Maynard

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