P1020679_edited-1 P1020664_edited-1 P1020651_edited-1 P1020681_edited-1 P1020546 P1020541_edited-1 P1020537_edited-1 P1020527_edited-1 P1020524 P1020081_edited-1 P1020074_edited-1 P1020072_edited-1 P1020071_edited-1 P1020069 P1020680_edited-1 IMG_1135_edited-1 IMG_1128_edited-1The Sedona Military Service Park has been completed. Sedona Marine Corps League Detachment 1237 has turned over operation to the Sedona City Parks and Recreation
Department. All Veterans who live or have lived in Sedona for one year are eligible
to have their names engraved on the walls. You must present your DD-214, a letter
stating you have been a resident of Sedona for one year. The city will ask for a donation
of $100 for the engraving and future maintenance. This donation can be waived.

The Park is a location for Memorial Day Services. All flags are changed during Memorial Day and Veterans Day programs.

We would like to thank several people who really made a difference in getting the Park completed. Detachment Commandant Marine Ray Stueve, Detachment Associate Ray Scott who was involved in all the construction. The Sedona 30 who provided a substancial part of the financing. We thank all the citizens of Sedona who donated to the fund and made this possible.

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